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cTrader trading platform launches new feature to analyse performance

cTrader trading platform launches new feature to analyse performance

Article orginally published by forexbrokers

Forex trading platform cTrader, which recently signed up its first US partner broker MB Trading, has re-appeared with some new and useful features this week, helping traders to better explore and analyze their own performance. The innovation is a new tab in cTrader's TradeWatch panel that's the window at the bottom of the screen, just below the trading charts you use. And, not surprisingly, the new tab is called Performance.  You can find it between the History and Transactions tabs and once you click on it, you'll see how elegant and simple its function is.

What you'll see is a line displaying the realized Profit and Loss (PnL), also known as Balance, for you trades for a given period of time. These periods of time vary: you can explore the balance for the current today, for the previous day, for the current month, for the previous month, for the last 3 months, for the last six months and for the last twelve months.

The good news is that you don't just get the general picture via this Balance line, but you can also dig deeper into the performance details. For instance, if you want to check the particular data about, say, a drop in the balance, you can simply mouse over the part of the line you'll see the readings of balance and drawdown. And in case you want to see details about a particular trade which corresponded to a certain point of the line, you should just click on that point and the system will redirect you to that deal.

The new feature is obviously very helpful in that it provides an overview of one's trading fortunes and precision in the analysis of trading results. If I have to mention a minus of the new feature I'd say that I could not find a way to make the Performance graph bigger, i.e. open it in full screen it was just squashed at the bottom of the screen.

And one more thing the cTrader platform is still a bit dark to me. I know that Spotware Systems, the developers of the platform, have found a way to tackle this problem and are planning to launch a Color Slider. This feature will provide an easy way to increase and decrease brightness (changing the background from black to white). Once this perk is launched, I'll stop complaining.

By the way, cTrader has added many other new features since the onset of this year, including dot charts, tick charts and a couple of new time frames, which you cannot find on other platforms, including the popular Metatrader 4. I like it when software developers put the stress on original and unconventional solutions. Way to go!

To try out the cTrader trading platform, you can open a demo account with Pepperstone or FxPro.

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