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Spotware Systems adds Autochartist to the cTrader platform

Spotware Systems adds Autochartist to the cTrader platform

Article by forexmagnates

The Autochartist pattern recognition software is becoming integrated within the platform, delivering a long-standing technical analysis tool to brokers who choose to deliver the service to their clients.

Spotware Systems issued a company announcement today, revealing that the firm has integrated a new module into its cTrader trading platform. The additional tool displays real-time technical analysis patterns information from one of the acclaimed industry leaders in the space, Autochartist.

The software analyzes the charts of selected assets and provides real-time alerts when a technical analysis pattern is being formed or has already appeared on the charts.

Brokers using cTrader will have the option to activate the Autochartist service for their clients provided that they have signed up for it with the pattern recognition software provider.

cTrader’s Product Manager, Alexander Chauzov, shared in the announcement, “Once a broker signs up with with Autochartist, our users then have the ability to see a variety of projected patterns, be it chart patterns, fibonacci retracements or key support and resistance levels. All these are organized by currency pair, direction, type of pattern and by a very helpful quality ranking system, which helps the user navigate through the plethora of analysis autochartist provides.”

“This is an addition aimed towards the trader and it’s another testament to our dedication of bringing amazing features and technology to our products that put the trader first,” he concluded.

Autochartist’s CEO, Ilan Azbel, added, “I believe Autochartist adds significant value to cTrader by providing objective, timely and accurate analysis that equips cTrader users to make educated trading decisions.”

Autochartist has recently been expanding its product line, with the addition of a binary options suite, specifically designed to use smaller timeframes in order to appeal to traders interested in financial betting. The company has already partnered with some major technology providers such as BinaryStation, Tech Financials and Tradologic.

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