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XM now also offers MT5 and CFDs on single shares

XM now also offers MT5 and CFDs on single shares
Article by FinanceMagnates:

XM.COM, the multi-regulated forex broker, has expanded its offering through incorporating MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform into its live trading infrastructure, according to an official statement on its website.

Previously available as a demo only, the MT5 launch was eagerly anticipated after the company announced a series of testing phases to ensure that the additional platform was seamlessly connected to all existing systems. This expands the range of asset classes offered by XM.COM, with CFDs on single stocks now available in addition to the existing offerings of forex, CFDs on indices, metals and energy.

In an announcement to its clients, the broker informs traders that MT5 will be packaged with a total of 300 instruments with more offerings to be added as time goes by.

MetaTrader 5, successor to the popular MT4, offers retail forex traders many features that were previously only available on institutional level platforms.

Its simply a new era

While this feature-rich online trading platform has been around for a while, brokers have been really slow to begin offering it. However, the growing list of forex brokers launching MT5 recently could help resolve the chicken and egg dilemma, where there were no brokers offering it because traders are not familiar with, while on the other hand traders are not demanding it because nobody was yet offering it.

According to Chris Zacharia, Marketing Director of the group: It is something we have been patiently expecting for a long time, and I truly believe it will be a game changer for XM, which is taking its first steps in extending its range of instruments to the stocks sphere. Our plan is to extend our instrument offerings to up to 5000 CFDs on single stocks from companies all across the world listed on various stock exchanges including but not limited to NYSE, Nasdaq, LSE, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, to only name a few.

Only judging from the audience, it will serve as a multi-asset class platform, I would say it is the platform of choice as we speak. Its simply a new era, he concluded.

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