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easyMarkets launches unlimited demos on its mobile apps

easyMarkets launches unlimited demos on its mobile apps

Email received from easyMarkets:

Dear Trader,

We are pleased to announce that easyMarkets has launched an unlimited Demo Account on iOS and Android Apps. This allows traders to try our innovative trading tools without any risk.

Limited and known risk, no margin, zero spreads. easyMarkets most innovative trading product.
Arrow Known Maximum Risk
Arrow Set Your Trade Time and decide: Up or Down
Arrow Zero Spreads, No Margin Requirements

Day Trade
easyMarkets Simple but Powerful Ticket.
Arrow Undo losing trades within an hour for a small fee with dealCancellation
Arrow Freeze a price so you can place your trade with FreezeRate.
Arrow Choose from 150+ Markets

Pending Order
Even more flexibility and control.
Arrow Set the rate and date at which you’d like your trade to open
Arrow Use Freeze Rate to pause the market at the rate you want

This innovative tool allows you to insure your trades against losing. For a small fee you have the ability to undo trades protected by dealCancellation for the duration of an hour.

Inside Viewer
easyMarkets was one of the first brokers to offer this valuable market sentiment tool. See what percentage of traders are buying and selling the instrument you are trading. Giving you an even better picture of the market.

Market Explorer
A list of all the assets offered by easyMarkets. See the live rate, percentage difference, the low and highs of the day. Tap on your preferred product to easily load it into your trading platform.

Price Notification
Stay informed even when you aren’t in the platform. Set up notifications and receive alerts about your instruments and open positions.

Live Rate Graphs
Multiple user defined graphs to help you better understand the movement of your preferred instrument.

Financial Calendar
Learn about all the market moving events, all within your app. Find out about policy changes and upcoming announcements.

Kind regards,

The easyMarkets Team

"Anything worth having is worth going for - all the way." - J.R. Ewing


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