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AvaTrade extends its collaboration with CPattern "Guardian Angel" tool

AvaTrade extends its collaboration with CPattern's "Guardian Angel" tool
A few days ago, FX and CFD broker AvaTrade and CPattern issued a press release indicating they will expand on their partnership.

Launched in 2010, CPattern analyses trades in real time and sells automated trading systems to forex brokerages.

AvaTrade now offers their "Guardian Angel" app, which is included on both the MT4 and MT5 trading software applications. It provides AvaTrade's clients with customised feedback while they trade.   

Following recent tests with a reduced number of traders, AvaTrade will now likely add this feature (in all popular languages) to its other trading platforms (both online and for mobile devices).

Guardian Angel feature drives trading volumes

According to the Irish broker, there's a positive correlation between the customised feature and increased trading activity: traders will trade more.

M. Ferguson, AvaTrade president adds: "Since AvaTrade thrives on innovation and serving its clients, we must continue to provide our traders with tools that make trading easier and better. Guardian Angel is a superb feature that improves our traders' environment."

The brokerage also believes that the application is embraced by its clientele, and that traders feel like they have greater control over their trades.

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