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Pepperstone improves index trading conditions

Pepperstone improves index trading conditions
Australian forex and CFD broker Pepperstone recently declared that it was improving the trading conditions of indices, via lower spreads and faster order fulfilment. Furthermore, these index-based CFDs can now be traded all day long.

Pepperstone clients are currently able to diversify their trading portfolios by buy and selling the biggest stock market indexes out there (US, UK, Japan, etc.).

Pepperstone's trading terms for these indexes:

Arrow Spreads starting at 1 pip for indexes such as US2000 and UK100
Arrow Straight through processing transactions
Arrow No commission fees
Arrow Scalping 100% accepted
Arrow Quick trade speed - no requotes or halfway order fulfilment
Arrow Indexes are featured in all trading platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader

Index CFDs provide broader market access via a single asset. You can trade a large bundle of company shares with one single asset, thereby enjoying wide market movements and diversifying your risk across many companies.

Pepperstone offers 14 of the largest stock indexes traded on the US, European and Asian stock markets:

These indexes are the underlying securities of the securities they represent, which means that the client is able to bet on the direction of prices, but not directly sell or buy the actual indexes, as CFDs are derivative investment products that track price movements. However, CFD transactions are identical to the buying and selling of actual indexes.

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