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The FCA plans to limit traders' use of leverage on futures

The FCA plans to limit traders' use of leverage on futures
The UK's FCA recently released its yearly publication which gives details on their accomplishments in 2018. 

The report highlights the Financial Conduct Authority's opinions on several issues that could impede trading across Britain.

It should be mentioned that the Financial Conduct Authority has said that it might limit the offering of other investment vehicles, such as futures, as traders could suffer major losses of their trading capital. 

The Financial Conduct Authority is keeping a close eye on brokers that market high risk investments to traders, especially since the ESMA issued rules governing the trading of CFDs. 

Cryptocurrency complaints are sharply rising

In its report, the Financial Conduct Authority says there's a sharp rise in the amount of cryptocurrency-related complaints it is receiving, some of which are the result of criminal behaviour. 

The Financial Conduct Authority is thus expected to ban crypto CFDs and futures in its efforts to curb the trading of such so-called currencies. 

Citing "concerns related to protecting traders", the report says that a total ban on cryptocurrency CFDs among retail investors is being considered by the Financial Conduct Authority. As part of discussions with relevant brokers, regulators have mentioned this possibility ban of derivatives that refer to "crypto asset classes".

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