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5 good reasons to trade using the MT4 platform

5 good reasons to trade using the MT4 platform
With close to 150,000 users, MetaTrader 4 is the most used trading platform in the world. Ideal for beginners, it is also popular with experienced traders, who consider it the best forex trading software. In addition to being free, MT4 also adapts to all working environments. If you are not sure which trading platform to choose, here are 5 terrific reasons to trade using MetaTrader 4.

1. It's the most popular platform

Launched in 2006 by MetaQuotes, the MetaTrader 4 trading platform quickly established itself against other alternatives.

MT4 indeed offers the most advanced technologies with in particular:

  Arrow  3 execution modes,
  Arrow  2 market orders,
  Arrow  4 pending orders,
  Arrow  2 stop orders and 1 trailing stop.

On the technical analysis side of things, MetaTrader 4 offers the following tools:

  Arrow  Interactive graphics,
  Arrow  9 different time-scales,
  Arrow  23 analysis objects,
  Arrow  29 technical indicators,
  Arrow  Several hundred additional indicators via the integrated indicator market.

And for traders with little time to devote to trading, MetaTrader 4 also allows copy trading as well as algorithmic trading. The first automatically copies the trades of other professional traders. The second allows you to apply your trading strategy automatically using Expert Advisor robots. MetaTrader 4 even allows you, if you're familiar with MQL4 language, to develop your own trading robots.

2. Because it is the best forex trading platform

It is this power and flexibility that also makes MT4 the best forex trading platform. With MetaTrader
4, trading currencies is intuitive and efficient.

The currency market is indeed a somewhat special market because of its large volumes, its high volatility and its dynamic pricing, but also because of its growing popularity with individuals and beginners.

For forex, MT4 therefore knows how to fare well and allows you to trade your favorite currency pairs: major, minor or cross pairs.

It is therefore not surprising that the MetaTrader 4 platform is offered by the world's leading brokers, in particular those that are regulated by a European regulatory authority such as the AMF or the FCA.

3. Because it adapts to all IT environments

In practice, MT4 also appeals to traders of all types with its versions available for all environments, including Mac trading: MT4 OSX / MT4 Mac, MT4 Android, MT4 Windows 7, and even MT4 iPhone.

Downloading MT4 for Mac is just as simple and fast as MT4 for Windows 7, for example. In addition, as the different versions are very similar, no need for example to wonder how to use MT4 on Android when you are used to MetaTrader Mac.

4. Because it offers a demo account

In terms of security, the MT4 platform now has what it takes to appeal to individual investors, especially novice traders.

MetaTrader 4 features demo account trading. Such an account allows trading in real market conditions but with fictitious capital, therefore without taking any risk.

It is a more as precious an ally for the beginning trader, who can thus practice before investing his hard-earned money for real, as for the experienced trader who wants to test new strategies or new markets.

5. Because it's free

Finally, one last good reason to use MetaTrader 4 lies in its free status. Downloading MT4 for Mac as another version is also very simple. Just choose the appropriate version at the time of download and follow the instructions in the installation wizard window.

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Re: 5 good reasons to trade using the MT4 platform

Yes, thanks, very helpful for me.



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Re: 5 good reasons to trade using the MT4 platform

I think there are already a lot of platforms that have surpassed the rating on this platform. I know people who have moved from MT4 to other platforms. Now the trade and the sphere of cryptocurrencies are so developed that now I can say for sure that this is the future. Elon Musk has already started developing this area. Now the market is volatile because some states accept cryptocurrencies in foreign exchange turnover, or some states do not accept, such as Turkey and India. Plus, on MT4, it was possible to make leverage trading the easiest and was very low-risk.



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