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Tsikhilov, founder of Admiral Markets, talks about company rebranding

Tsikhilov, founder of Admiral Markets, talks about company's rebranding

The multi-regulated brokerage firm recently relaunched its brand name. Mr. Tsikhilov explains how the rebranding will provide traders with a more consistent brand message and facilitate internal and external business processes.

Could you tell us a bit about your professional background and give us a brief overview of your recent functions?

I entered the online trading space in 1998 after having been active in the internet service industry for many years. At the time, I had an engineering degree from a university in St. Petersburg, Russia, but I had to learn the world of finance, starting with the basics.

Never before, had I positioned myself as a specialist in finance, but I made it my mission to train myself in this discipline. I continued my education in the field of business management and then obtained two masters and a doctorate in business management (DBA) at a business school in Zurich, Switzerland, where I completed my thesis on management of incentives for employees of financial brokerage firms.

I held the position of Managing Director of the Admiral Group until the end of 2015, after which I passed the operational reins to my young colleagues. With this "generational change", the founders of the company, who had been at the helm from the start, moved to the board of directors, focusing on strategic issues for future development.

How important is this rebranding to current and potential traders? Are you going to introduce new services, launch products, or announce leadership changes with this change?

The first decades of Admiral Markets were spent in brokerage of currencies and CFDs. For the next 5 or 10 years, our field of action is much broader. We will go beyond the scope of traditional trading and investment services and offer more financial products and services.

This development should be reflected in the name of our company. The word "Markets" in Admiral Markets means the financial markets and does not adequately reflect the scope of what we currently do. At the start of this year, we introduced our AM Card, a virtual card provided by Visa. The physical variant will launch soon.

This is not a trading product and it is a great example of what our clients can expect in the near future. While we are introducing other such personal finance products and services, we are building on the solid base of experience we have gained over the past years. Trading will always be an important part of our identity and our clients will continue to enjoy the best quality and conditions in the industry.

We want to make your trading experience even better, while giving you access to our new personal finance services. Admirals is a financial center that offers a wide range of products and services that make personal finance transparent and accessible.

In what other areas do you hope to expand Admirals' product offering?

Let's start with what we already have in store. We are about to introduce our new "Copy Trading" service. With this service, a client with no previous experience, training or time will be able to actively invest the markets by copying other successful traders.

By choosing a "trade leader", his transactions can be automatically copied to the client's account. The client will be able to adjust parameters such as trading volume and customise trading decisions according to their preferences.

While we have many exciting product launches planned, we are also revolutionising and improving our current offering. We are going to be offering "Microlot Digital Currency Trading", which allows a person to start trading from just 0.01 lot BTC USD, for example.

Constant improvement is at the heart of how we run our business. We are constantly introducing new innovative features into our native trading app, which is an in-house developed app, tailored to our trading offering.

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