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Admirals launches a new copy trading service

Admirals launches a new copy trading service
Admirals, a multi-asset brokerage firm, announced yesterday the launch of a new copy trading service for its clients as part of the recent rise in popularity of social trading and copy trading.

According to an official company announcement, Admirals clients can now discover top performing traders through rankings and copy their trading strategies. Admirals stressed the importance of stop losses and take profits for risk management.

Copy Trading is a service that benefits both new and experienced traders. If your Trade.MT4 account was opened with Admirals Cyprus Ltd after 9 January 2021, the service is available to you now. Just relax and let the experts do the hard work for you. You can set your own Stop Loss and Take Profit levels based on your risk appetite. You decide.", Admirals says in its official announcement.

The latest launch of the company's copy trading service came after Admirals announced the appointment of Victor Gherbovet as Co-Managing Director 2 months ago. Gherbovet joined Admirals in 2008 as Director of the Romanian branch of the company and has spent over 12 years in various positions within the company.

Copy trading provider

In the recent announcement, Admirals highlights the potential benefits for copy trading providers. As your success increases, your visibility on trader rankings and the likelihood of getting subscriptions increases. Every time another trader chooses to subscribe to your strategy, you earn a fee. You can publish your strategy and adjust the details through your Trader's Room dashboard, the company adds.

Admirals saw a significant spike in its financial numbers last year. The broker reported a 335% jump in profits last year. Total net profit for last year reached nearly 21 million euros, compared to 4.6 million euros in 2019. In October 2019, Admirals expanded its product offering with the addition of Japanese equities through the  MT5 trading platform.

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