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Eightcap partners with TradingView + new website!

Eightcap partners with TradingView + new website!
Email received from Eightcap:


As we enter the second half of 2023, we remain committed to providing our valued traders with exceptional trading resources. That’s why we’re happy to announce our latest integration with TradingView. Not only is our new TradingView integration up and running, but you can get the most out of their trading experience with our new Eightcap website too.

What’s new on our new website
Explore the exciting features on our new website:

ArrowEightcap Labs:
Access a comprehensive selection of educational materials to enhance your trading skills.
ArrowReliable Insights:
Discover valuable Trade Ideas and stay updated with the latest Trading Outlook.
ArrowTransparent Trading:
Find detailed information about our competitive trading costs and instrument specifications. Compare our cost with other brokers and explore the various account types we offer.
ArrowMedia Presence:
Learn about Eightcap's featured presence in the media.

TradingView: More than just a trading platform

See for yourself why so many traders switched to TradingView:

With the world's #1 charting and social platform, your clients can trade directly via TradingView into an Eightcap account and have access to a comprehensive charting package, risk-mitigating automated strategies, trade alerts, custom indicators built with proprietary pine-script language and strategy ideas from a library of templates.

Kind regards,
The Eightcap Team

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