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Admirals launches Auto-Invest: A porffolio with over 3,000 stocks

Admirals launches Auto-Invest: A porffolio consisting of over 3,000 stocks and ETFs
Admirals has announced the launch of Auto-Invest, available through the Admirals mobile app and designed to transform the way investors trade the financial markets.

Auto-Invest was developed to provide automated investing capabilities that provide clients with increased convenience and efficiency.

Auto Invest directly through the user's wallet or Invest.MT5 account
With Admirals' Auto-Invest functionality, you can enjoy maximum convenience by setting up pre-defined automatic payouts into their accounts through their wallet or directly from your Invest.MT5 account.

You have the ability to determine the amount and frequency of your investments and easily adjust your Auto-Invest plans. This advanced technology allows you to seize market opportunities even in situations where active portfolio monitoring and interaction are not possible.

Implementing an automated investment strategy can promote a disciplined investment approach and mitigate the risks of attempting to enter the market at the most favorable times.

Weekly or Monthly Auto-Invest Plans
By selecting weekly or monthly Auto-Invest plans, you can establish tailored investment schedules that align with your financial goals. The automated procedures built into this feature free you from constant manual intervention as the system efficiently executes their investment instructions.

You have the option to create up to five plans, allowing them to diversify your portfolio across a range of more than 3,000 stocks and ETFs. Each plan is focused on a specific asset, ensuring a focused investment strategy. Additionally, the Auto-Invest feature deducts invested funds directly from your wallet or Invest.MT5 account, simplifying the process and ensuring a seamless investment experience.

Auto-Invest offers you a user-friendly way to effortlessly take control of your investment strategies, offering portfolio diversification and customisation tools that simplify the investment process.

Auto-Invest revolutionises the way investors engage in financial markets
Tatjana Žbanova, Product Manager at Admirals, says: “We are very happy to introduce Auto-Invest, a feature that allows our customers to balance their wealth in the long term. By combining innovation, user-friendliness and the ability to minimise errors human, Auto-Invest is revolutionising the way investors engage in financial markets. Our goal is to provide a transparent and efficient investment experience while maximising opportunities for our clients. With Auto-Invest, investors are equipped to unlock their full potential and achieve their investment goals with confidence.”

The introduction of the Auto-Invest feature underlines Admirals’ commitment to equipping its traders with innovative tools and technologies that enhance their investment journey.

By combining cutting-edge automation with an intuitive interface, Admirals' goal is to democratise access to the financial markets, enabling both newcomers and seasoned investors to engage in the field of investing with ease and trust.

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