Programming of Expert Advisors and indicators


4xDev is one of the top programming companies to work with on your programming needs or projects.

Do you need to create a strategy or an indicator, but you encounter obstacles when trying to accomplish this on your own?

Do you have ideas, but don't know how to implement them and need some advice?

Already have a tool, but need to modify it?

Ask a professional programmer to suggest how you can implement / modify / build your tool.


  • 4xDev can create everything you need to trade the forex
  • Indicators
  • Expert Advisors
  • Other tools (alerts, scripts, etc.)

Conversion of indicators/EAs into the format you need

  • 4xdev tests and improves everything to maximise efficiency
  • Indicators
  • Expert Advisors

This programming company has extensive experience in forex trading and platforms. 4xDev has been in business for over 6 years and knows everything about automated trading.


Create a MetaTrader Expert Advisor

FX Builder


FX-Builder is a trading strategy builder that offers highly flexible configuration possibilities.

The program comes with 6 different trading strategies that have already been working on real accounts since 2011.

To order FX-Builder, go here.