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Spotware unveils cTrader Mobile 3.3 Beta

Spotware unveils cTrader Mobile 3.3 Beta

Spotware Systems has released a new version of its cTrader mobile app. The solution, available at Google Play and the App Store, has been updated to version 3.3.

The application now allows traders to create 1-click orders directly from the charts in full screen mode. When the chart is opened in full screen mode, traders can click on the "New Order" icon to see the "Buy" or "Sell" buttons.

This new feature is very convenient because it allows traders to perform their technical analysis and trade from the very same screen, thereby improving the overall usability of the application.

In one of the previous versions of cTrader Mobile Beta, Spotware introduced additional features for creating charts and orders. For example, in addition to the horizontal, vertical and trend lines previously introduced, in cTrader Mobile 3.1, traders have the ability to draw half-lines, equidistant channels and Fibonacci retracements right on the charts. This new version also offers greater customisation options allowing traders to choose the colour and width of their drawings on the charts.

Version 3.0 of the software supported user drawings on graphics. In addition, this version allowed traders to customise their charts by choosing the preferred colour of the indicators. The zoom on the graphics has also been improved, so traders can see the entire image, as the app zooms in 3-4 times further than the previous version.

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