Rising and Falling Wedges

Triangles  Triangles Symmetrical broadening wedge Symmetrical broadening wedge
Descending wedges  Wedges Broadening wedges  Broadening wedges
Flags and pennants  Flags and pennants right-angled broadening wedge Right-angled broadening wedge
Head and shoulders  Head and shoulders Double tops  Double (or triple)
 tops (or bottoms)
Rectangle  Rectangles cup with handle  Cup with handle


The wedge is formed by a channel that narrows in the direction of the trend. It is a reversal pattern that suggests that the forex trend is weakening, as it is characterized by a progressive reduction in the amplitude of the waves and the transaction volume.

The break of a support line provides a good signal to trade on a retracement with a price target at the top of the first wave for a falling wedge or at the bottom of the trough for a rising wedge.

Rising and falling wedges